Commvault Cloud Documentation

Welcome to the Commvault Cloud documentation for configuring, administrating, and using our award-winning DMaaS services.

Commvault Cloud DMaaS

Commvault Cloud Data Management-as-a-Service (DMaaS), from Commvault, offers enterprise-grade data protection, with the simplicity of SaaS. As a cloud-native solution, Commvault Cloud delivers broad-ranging coverage across critical on-premise, cloud, endpoint, and SaaS app environments, through a single pane of glass. With hardened, multi-layer security built in, Commvault Cloud is proven to keep your business data safe, compliant, and recoverable from deletion, corruption, and ransomware attack.

Commvault Cloud Shared Responsibility Model

The Commvault Cloud Shared Responsibility Model overviews the roles and obligations of Commvault Cloud (as the provider of SaaS data protection capabilities) and its customers (as the consumers of these capabilities).

For more information, see the Commvault Cloud DMaaS Shared Responsibility Model Whitepaper.

Release Notes

Commvault Cloud Product Release Notes