Cloud Command


The Cloud Command displays the consolidated view of data protection, health status, and security controls of the Metallic environment. The score helps you to identify and view the details of the statuses. You can view the overview and the detailed version of the reports in the Cloud Command.

Cloud Command- Description

The Cloud Command contains the Data Protection score and Security Posture score tiles, and its detailed reports.

Cloud Command Tiles- Overview

The following table contains the description of each tile that displays different scores of the overall Metallic environment. You can click the score from the tiles to access the individual reports for the CommCell environment.



Data Protection Score

Displays the overall percentage score of protected data that ensures the completion of primary backup within the configured time and identifies whether the secondary copy has been completed or fallen behind. For information about the detailed report, see SLA report.

Security Posture Score

Displays the percentage score of additional security control applied, and enables security controls for authentication and authorization after you view your security posture. For more information about the detailed report, see Security IQ dashboard.