Configuring Network Throttle


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In the Metallic console, you can configure the data upload speed for backups and data download speed for restores. These values are defined by the Throttle send (upload) and Throttle receive (download) values on the laptop plan settings page. By default, the throttle send value is 5000 Kbps and the throttle receive value has no limit.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Laptops.

    The Laptops page appears.

  2. To view laptop plans click the Plans tab.

  3. In the Plan name column, click the laptop plan for which you want to configure the network throttle.

    The laptop page appears.

  4. On the Overview tab, in the Network throttle section, click edit .

    The Network throttle dialog box appears.

  5. Modify the default Throttle send and Throttle receive values.

    Tip: To set a value for Throttle receive, remove the selection for the No limit check box.

  6. Click SAVE.