Automatic Instance Discovery for SAP HANA Databases


By default, after the Metallic agent is installed, database instances are automatically discovered.


  • Run the first backup with valid KEY or credentials for Auto discover instance to work.

  • After the instance is discovered on a new SAP HANA setup, modify the instance to save valid user credentials.

Autodiscovery depends on the following conditions:

  • SAP HANA database services must be running prior to configuring backups from the Metallic Configuration wizard. If database services are not running, then Metallic does not discover instances for that SID. Instance discovery starts again in the next discovery cycle after the SAP HANA database services are started.

  • If a database is not running, then no SAP HANA access node and instance will be created because autodiscovery skips the databases that are not running.

  • By default, autodiscovery runs once every 24 hours or when the CVD service is restarted on the client.

  • Autodiscovery will only work for single node SAP HANA scale-up setups.

    Note: Advanced features such as cluster, replication, and multiple nodes do not support autodiscovery.

  • If the HDB store key BACKUP is present during autodiscovery, use this store key to configure the discovered instances.

  • If there is no valid store key present on the HANA server, update the instance properties with user credentials or a valid HDB store key. Metallic creates a store key called BACKUP after you configure the instance with user credentials.

  • When autodiscovery is run for databases that are running, the naming convention followed for the discovered HANA client used is <Physical_client_Name>_SID.

Note: A GUI/scheduled backup or an instance with credentials is required to set up the backup environment and run log and data backups.