Subscription Usage for Archiving Files and Objects


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You can view subscription usage for archiving file and object storage in the File and Object Archive Report.

The report displays the peak front-end size for total data under management, this includes all data that has been archived and data that has been analyzed but remains on the source devices under management.

  • If file data was managed for one or more days in the month, the data is counted as part of the peak front-end size for that month. The data is counted even if it is no longer managed or if the archived data was deleted from the system. If the data is not managed in the following months, it is not counted as part of File & Object Archive Subscription usage for those months.

    For example:

    • If a content group has 200TB, when the analysis runs the front-end size managed is 200TB.

    • If 60TB is then archived, the total data under management is still 200TB (140TB on the source, and 60TB in the archive).

    • If 2TB new data is added to the source, then the total data under management will increase to 202TB (142TB on the source, and 60 in the archive).

    • If an additional 40TB becomes eligible for archiving then the total data under management will remain at 202TB (102TB on the source, and 100TB in the archive).

    • If 20TB of archived data reaches its retention and is aged out, then the total data under management will be reduced to 182TB (102TB on the source, and 80TB in the archive).


  1. From the navigation pane, click Usage Summary.

    The Usage Summary page appears, showing a summary of service subscriptions and their usage.

  2. Click File & Object Archive.

    The Files & Object Archive report appears.

  3. To view information for a specific time frame, click Time frame, and then select one of the time options.