Metallic REST (Representational State Transfer) APIs represent operations that are performed via the Metallic API Gateway.  You can use the REST APIs to create custom interfaces that focus on the operations your users need, such as authentication, creating resellers, submitting fulfillment requests, and getting account and usage information. The REST APIs are implemented on the HTTP protocol, so you can use them with your preferred programming language and tools. 

Getting Started with API

By default, tenants do not have access to Metallic APIs. To create a service account for your tenant to perform API operations, contact Metallic Support. Only this service account will be permitted to perform configurations using Metallic APIs.

Important: Do not delete or change the username on this service account. You may, however, change the password on this account.

API Endpoint URL

To perform operations using API, ensure all API call are made with the URL

Metallic REST API Reference

For REST API reference information, see Metallic REST API Reference.


API requests are rate limited in Metallic on a per tenant basis. This is to ensure consistent performance of the service and fair usage for all Metallic customers.

Once you exceed a certain number of requests in a specific period, Metallic will return an error.

If you are rate limited, Metallic API endpoint will return a 429 in the response code. You can either wait the designated time by the X-RateLimit-Period before making calls again, or switch to making calls at a frequency slightly longer than the X-RateLimit-Limit or X-RateLimit-Period

The following are the default limits for read and write operations on a per tenant basis:

  • The rate limit for write operations is 100 API per hour per Metallic tenant

  • The rate limit for read operations is 1000 per hour per Metallic tenant

To increase rate limits, contact the Metallic Support Team.