Downloading Information About Records to be Restored


You can download a .csv file containing information about all or some of the records to be restored.

Before You Begin


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Salesforce.

    The Salesforce page appears.

  2. For the organization that contains the data that you want to restore, click the action button , and then click Restore.

    The Select restore type page appears.

  3. Click Record level restore.

    The Backup content page appears. Here you can download a .csv file that contains information about all of the records listed here (regardless on how many are currently visible), or only the records you select.

  4. If you only want to download a .csv that contains information about some of the records, select the checkbox in each record's corresponding row.

    From the Download menu, click Download selected records, if you have selected any records, or Download all records, if you want to download information for all records.

    The system will download a .zip file containing the .csv with information about the records.