Performing an Archive Operation on a Content Group


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When you run an archive operation, the files that meet the archiving rules are moved to the secondary storage and deleted on the source.

The first archive operation always runs a full archive job.


  1. From the navigation pane, go to Protect > Archiving.

    The Archiving page appears.

  2. On the Content groups tab, click the content group to archive.

  3. Under Plan, from the Create New list, select the archive plan to use for the content group.

    You can select an existing plan or create a new plan.

    Note: If you created a content group for Archive and Analyze, then the archive plan is associated already. If you created a content group for Analyze then Archive and if the archive plan is not associated, then you can select an existing archive plan or create a new archive plan.

  4. In the upper-right corner of the page, click Archive.