Getting Started with Archiving


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Identify your data use case, add a content group based on your use case, associate an archive plan to the content group, and then perform a test archive and restore.


  1. Identify your use case:

    • Analyze then Archive

      Select this option to analyze the data and run what-if scenarios, before applying archiving rules.

    • Archive and Analyze

      Select this option if you know the archiving rules you want to apply, and to immediately begin archiving. Data analysis occurs in parallel.

  2. Add a content group based on your use case:

  3. If Analyze then Archive was selected:

    1. After the analysis is complete, run what-if scenarios by modifying the archiving rules.

      On the Insights tab of the content group details page, in the upper-right corner of the page, the status of the analysis operation appears.

    2. Create an archive plan, and associate it to the content group.

      You can run an archiving job immediately or on the schedule configured for the archive plan.

  4. Perform a test archive and restore