Protecting Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) with Metallic


You can use the Metallic software to back up and recover Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) VMs that are part of an OCI application. You can configure a hypervisor to represent the OCI application.


Data You Can Back Up

  • Compute Instances

Data You Cannot Back Up

  • Images

Backups You Can Perform

  • Full backups

  • Incremental backups

  • Synthetic full backups

  • Streaming backups

When you Can Perform Backups

  • On a schedule: The server plan that you assign manages scheduled backups

  • On demand: You can perform on-demand backups at any time


Restores You can Perform

  • Full virtual machine

  • Guest files and folders

Backups You Can Use for Restores

  • The most recent backup: For example, restore the most recent backup to its original location

  • A backup from a specific date: For example, restore data to a point in time before it became unusable

  • Backups from a date range: For example, restore data that was accidentally deleted

  • Backups from a specific (primary or secondary) copy

Destinations You Can Restore To

  • The current location (in place)

  • A different location (out of place)