Salesforce Backup Health Report


The Salesforce Backup Health Report includes information about all Salesforce organizations in the environment and indicates whether they meet the backup health requirements needed for backup operations. An object (such as a account, contact, or opportunity) meets the backup health requirements if it was backed up in the last 3 days.

Information in the report includes the number of entities that are backed up and not backed up. You can use this report to view the backup health status of each object, identify backup failures for specific objects, and determine what caused failures.

You can use the Salesforce Backup Health Report to help maintain the environment, as follows:

  • Go to the Salesforce Backup Health report and view data for the last 3 days because that is the most critical time period.

  • If you the Total Objects and Objects Backed-up tiles display the same number, then your backups are running perfectly, and there is no need for concern.

  • If the Objects Not Backed-up or Objects Never Backed-up tile shows a value greater than 0 , then you should see the Objects Not Backed-up table to learn more.

  • In the Salesforce Organizations table, if any objects appear in the Not Backed-up or Never Backed-up columns, see the Objects Not Backed-up table to learn more.

  • In the Objects Not Backed-up table, in the Backup Status column, configure a filter to display only Failed entities.

  • In the Objects Not Backed-up table, review the information in the Failure Reason column.

  • You can try to fix some errors on your own. For more information, see Troubleshooting Using the Salesforce Backup Health Report.

  • If you encounter an error that you cannot resolve on your own, open a support ticket.