Adding HPE StoreOnce Storage


You can add a HPE StoreOnce stand alone library.

Before You Begin

Install an on-premises Metallic backup gateway.


  1. Go to the Hub, and click Advanced View at the top-right corner.

  2. From the navigation pane, go to Storage > Cloud.

    The Cloud page appears.

  3. In the upper-right corner, click Add.

    The Cloud storage type page appears.

  4. Click Cloud storage.

    The Add cloud storage page appears.

  5. In the Name box, type the name of the storage.

  6. From the Type list, select HPE Catalyst Storage.

  7. From the MediaAgent list, select the MediaAgent.

  8. In the StoreOnce Host box, enter the IP address or COFC identifier in case of Fibre Channel associated with the HPE StoreOnce device.

  9. In the Store box, enter the name of the store that is created on the StoreOnce management console.


    • This field is case sensitive.

    • Only one store per HPE Catalyst library is supported.

  10. In the User name box, enter the username to access StoreOnce management console.

  11. In the Password box, enter the password for the above user account.

  12. Click Save.