Logging On to the Metallic MSP Portal


Users can log on to the Metallic MSP Portal.

Note: If two-factor authentication (which is a form of multi-factor authentication) is enabled, see Logging On to the Metallic MSP Portal Using a PIN.

The Metallic MSP Portal supports user identification using a SAML identity provider. For more information, see Configuring an Identity Provider. Note the following:

  • If a user has already been created using an identity provider, then when the user attempts to log into the Metallic MSP Portal for the first time, a Metallic MSP Portal user account will be created automatically. The Metallic MSP Portal administrator must then assign roles to that user.

  • If a user was created using the Metallic console or Metallic MSP Portal and then that same user is set up in identity provider using the same domain, the identity provider user credentials will override the existing user credentials.

For more information, see User Management.


  1. Go to msp.metallic.io.

    The Login page appears.

  2. Enter your email and password, and then click Login.

    The Metallic MSP Portal appears.

Two-Factor Authentication