You can view license usage information for Metallic features and workloads in the Subscription Usage tiles.

Subscription Usage

The Subscription Usage tile for each feature or workload displays license usage. On the tile, click the total number of licenses consumed to see more detailed information in the Subscription Usage Report.

Each feature or workload is calculated differently, based on the requirements for its associated license. If a user leaves your organization, Metallic updates the license usage automatically.

Office 365 Licensing

A company should purchase the Enterprise subscription, the Standard subscription, or both, depending on the number of users and data it needs to protect. You don't need a separate license for each Office 365 application. For more information, see O365 Licensing

Endpoint Licensing

For Endpoint, the licenses are calculated on a per user basis. Every User can backup up to 3 endpoints using a single license.

Usage and Metering