Subscription Usage for Salesforce


You can view subscription usage for databases in the Salesforce Usage Report.

Only Salesforce users with a License Type of Salesforce (one of the Standard User Licenses in Salesforce) are counted for the Metallic Salesforce protection subscription. For more information about Salesforce licenses, see Standard User Licenses on the Salesforce Knowledge website.

Note: The Salesforce License Type is the only license type that Metallic counts.

For example, a subscription of the Metallic Salesforce service counts only users in the Used Licenses column of the Salesforce row. In the following example, the total for License Type Salesforce is 1,536 users. This total does not count any of the other license types.

The following license types are not included in the Metallic Salesforce protection subscription:

  • Partner Community User Licenses

  • Chatter User Licenses

  • Experience Cloud User Licenses

  • Service Cloud Portal User Licenses

  • Sites and User Licenses

  • Authenticated Website User Licenses


  1. From the navigation pane, click Usage Summary.

    The Usage Summary page appears, showing a summary of service subscriptions and their usage.

  2. Click Salesforce.

    The Salesforce usage report appears.

  3. To view information for a specific time frame, click Time frame, and then select one of the time options.

Total Unique Users Per Month

The Total Unique Users Per Month chart displays total unique users protected. This chart updates when you select a time frame from the Time frame filter.

Monthly Usage

The Monthly Usage table displays monthly usage information for each user. This table updates when you click a month bar in the Total Unique Users Per Month chart.

Optional: Configure any of the following options to filter or export the Monthly Usage data:

  • To hide columns, click the Column button , un-select the columns that you want to hide, and then click Save.

  • To export data, click the Export button , select the export file format, and then save the file to your local computer.