Metallic Recovery Reserve


When you have storage needs that change in terms of retention and frequency of restores, you can use the optimized storage options that the Metallic Recovery Reserve offers.

Important: Metallic does not support accessing Metallic Recovery Reserve by using Azure Private Link or a private DNS.

With Metallic Recovery Reserve, you can do the following:

  • Choose either short-term or long-term storage

  • Use an easy on-ramp to cloud storage, from one vendor, managed in one interface

  • Control costs with optimized storage

  • Use unified naming for all cloud storage

Cloud Storage Tiers

With Metallic Recovery Reserve, you can have both primary and secondary backup copies for all your workloads in the following cloud storage tiers:

  • Azure Hot

  • Azure Cool

  • OCI Standard

  • OCI Infrequent Access

You can select a cloud storage tier based on the license that you use. When you configure the Metallic backup gateway, the cloud storage tiers that are available to you are displayed. You can check for subscription usage in the Hub. For more information, see Data Stored in the Metallic Cloud.

Considerations for Backup Copies

  • You can use Metallic Recovery Reserve as the destination for creating backup copies for your on-premises storage. Metallic Recovery Reserve cannot be used as the source copy to make backup copies.

  • The minimum retention period for Azure secondary backup copies is 30 days.

  • The minimum retention period for the OCI Infrequent Access tier is 31 days.

  • Metallic OCI storage is available only when you use your own backup gateway.

  • Azure Files, Azure Blob, Azure VM, and Azure AKS do not support Metallic OCI storage.