Getting Started with Dynamics 365


Getting started with backing up Dynamics 365 includes adding an app, an application user, a plan, and a table. Then, you perform a test backup and restore to confirm that everything is set up correctly.

Important: If possible, perform the getting started process in a test environment. After you perform a test backup and restore, you can move the system into production.

  1. Review the considerations for the express and custom configuration methods to determine the best choice for your organization.

  2. Add an app for Dynamics 365 using the express or custom configuration method:

  3. Create an application user.

  4. Create a Dynamics 365 plan.

  5. Add tables to the Dynamics 365 app.

  6. Perform a test backup and restore.

  7. Add instances to the Dynamics 365 app to autodiscover and backup tables.