Add an App for Dynamics 365 Using the Custom Configuration Option


If you don't want to use the Microsoft login information, which is required by the express configuration option, to get started with Dynamics 365, you can use the custom configuration option.

To register the Dynamics 365 app, use the configuration helper tool. If you prefer to manually register the app, see Manual Registration.


  1. Go to the Hub.

  2. In the upper-left area of the page, click the menu button, and then click Dynamics 365.

    The Dynamics 365 tab appears.

  3. On the Dynamics 365 CRM tab, select New Configuration.

  4. Start the D365 trial or continue to the configuration page:

    • If you have never configured a Dynamics 365 app before, the Dynamics 365 configuration page appears.

      1. Click Start Trial.

        The Configure Dynamics 365 message box appears. You must wait while the Metallic software activates the Metallic subscription, creates plans for D365 backups.

      2. When this process is complete, click Close.

    • If you have configured a Dynamics 365 app before, the Dynamics 365 Trial message appears.

  5. Click Continue.

    The Create Dynamics 365 App page appears.

  6. On the Region tab, from the Storage region list, select a region, and then click Next.

    The Application tab appears.

  7. In the Name box, enter a name for the Dynamics 365 application.

  8. Select Custom configuration (Advanced).

    You can download the toolkit for custom configuration. The toolkit contains a step-by-step guide (PDF) and a Custom configuration helper utility that you can use to configure an Azure app interactively. For more information, see Using the Configuration Helper Tool to Register an App for Dynamic 365.

  9. Enter the Application ID, Application secret, and the Azure directory ID, and then click Add.

    For instructions about locating this information, see Get tenant and app ID values for signing in in the Microsoft documentation.

  10. Verify the following, and then select the check boxes:

    • The Azure app is authorized from the Azure portal with all required permissions.

    • The redirect URl of the Azure app is set to

  11. Click Acquire token.

    A Microsoft window displays all the permissions that are required to access the Azure app.

    If your browser blocks the Microsoft window, allow access to the Microsoft window.

    The user account that is used to acquire the token must be a global administrator, a Dynamics 365 administrator, or a member of all the Dynamics 365 environments in the organization.

  12. At the bottom of the Microsoft window, click Add.

  13. On the Create Dynamics 365 app page, click Create.

    The Summary tab appears.

  14. Click Close.

What to Do Next

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