Network Connectivity


You must be able to connect to the proxies and domains that are associated with your Metallic environment. Outbound network connectivity is needed for data transfer, device registration, and portal access.

  • TCP 443 outbound must be open to access the following:

    • Metallic backup service (*

    • Metallic storage (*

    • If applicable, your storage location in AWS (*

  • TCP 8400 and 8403 must be open between the backup gateway and any on-prem data sources that you want to protect.

  • To back up on-prem VMware servers, the backup gateway must be able to access the VMware environment and components:

    • vSphere vCenter server: Port for web service (default: 443) must be opened. If vCenter is configured to use non-default ports, the non-default ports must also be opened.

    • vSphere ESX server: Ports for web service (default: 443) and TCP/IP (default: 902) must be opened for the vStorage APIs for data protection.

      Note: If you use VMware Cloud on AWS (VMC) or Azure VMware Solution (AVS), there are no port requirements for the ESXi hosts.

  • To back up Hyper-V virtual machines (VMs), the Metallic VM proxy must be able to access the backup gateway on the port for the web service (default: 443).

  • To back up data on a NAS file server, the backup gateway must be able to access the file server on port 10000.