Requirements for Push Installing Metallic Software Onto a Server That You Want to Back Up


Applies to: Core installations for Windows, Linux, and Microsoft SQL Server

To back up a server, you must install Metallic software on the server, and you can do that by pushing the software from the backup gateway. To perform a push installation, you need the name of the server and the user credentials for the server. You must also perform some pre-installation tasks.

Firewall and Network Port Requirements

Before performing the push installation, turn off the firewall services on the server, and temporarily open the following inbound network ports:

  • For UNIX, Linux, and Macintosh computers, enable SSH (Secure Shell), and then open port 22.

  • For Windows computers, do the following:

    • Open Port 135 for DCOM (Distributed Component Model).

    • Open Port 139 for NetBIOS Session Service (if you are using legacy Windows computers, such as Windows NT or earlier versions).

    • Open Port 445 for SMB (Server Message Block) file sharing.

    • Open the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) port. For instructions on setting up a fixed port for WMI, see Setting Up a Fixed Port for WMI on the Microsoft website.

    • Important: If Windows Firewall is enabled on the computer, temporarily open the following ports in Windows Firewall:

      - Port 135 for DCOM-In (COM + Network Access)

      - Port 445 for SMB

      - WMI port

Before the Installation

To successfully perform a push installation, do the following:

  • Verify that the backup gateway has network access to the server.

  • Obtain system administrator (sysadmin) user credentials for the server.

  • On Windows computers, verify the following: The Remote Registry service must be enabled and configured to automatically start during the computer startup.