Office 365


You can configure Office 365 applications to back up directly to the Metallic cloud without installing additional hardware or software. Protect data in the following Office 365 applications from accidental deletions, ransomware scenarios, and data corruption:

  • Exchange Online

  • SharePoint Online

  • OneDrive for Business

  • Teams

When it is time to recover data, you can find and recover as many files as you need, or you can restore an entire folder or mailbox to a point in time. Metallic eliminates "dumpster diving" or rummaging through the Office 365 recycle bin.

Provisioning Storage

When you sign up for Office 365, storage is automatically provisioned in the country you select when you sign up. You can also provision additional storage in other regions.

If you are an MSP, you can offer your tenants the option to bring their own Azure storage. Tenants who bring their own storage need their Azure storage account details, such as the storage account name, access key ID, and container name. For the best performance and to avoid paying Azure egress charges, tenants must select the storage region that matches the location of their storage when they configure Metallic. If your tenant has Azure storage in a region that is not available in Metallic, contact Support.

Data Flow