If you are using the Endpoint solution to back up user laptops and desktops, you can manage your endpoints by using the Hub.

For an overview of the Endpoint solution including installation of the software on a laptop, watch the Metallic Endpoint Backup & Recovery video.

Key Features

  • Fully automated deployment: IT administrators can centrally manage and automate mass deployment using mobile device management (MDM) services.

  • Fully customizable, plan-based automatic backups: Secure protection for business-critical data on laptops and desktops through source-side deduplication, scheduling, and intelligent bandwidth throttling.

  • End user self-service: End users can access their backed up data from smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops using mobile apps, and a web-based portal. End users can retrieve, manage, and view all of their protected files and e-mails in a cloud-based storage repository, and securely share files for collaboration.

  • Data loss prevention and remote wipe: Prevent unauthorized access to data on laptops by using file-level security that includes securely erasing data and locking sensitive files.

  • Migration Assistant: To easily set up a new laptop, end users can move backed up data and user settings (appearance and personalization settings, browser settings, network settings, and more) from their old laptop to their new laptop.

Endpoint Hub