Going to the Hub


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Go to the Hub to check the overall health of your Metallic environment. You can also configure new data sources to back up in the Hub.

You can also access your Metallic workloads through the Command Center for a "single pane of glass" experience. For more information, go to Metallic in the Command Center on the Commvault documentation website.


  1. Go to https://login.metallic.io/ and log on.

    The Hub appears.

  2. To check the health of the environment, click the tab for your solution.

  3. To back up a new data source, in the upper-right corner of the page, from the New Configuration list, click the type of data that you want to back up, and then follow the instructions in the guided setup.

  4. To perform additional operations, such as on-demand backups and restores, in the upper-right corner of the page, click Advanced View.

  5. To check the status of services in different regions, see Checking the Status of Services in Different Regions.